Is Your Bedroom Perfectly Prepped For Sleep?

Having a bedroom that’s perfectly prepped for sleep will help you to drop off easier at night, stay asleep, and have a better quality of sleep overall. Maybe you think you’re bedroom is perfectly prepped for sleep, but after reading this, you’ll come to realize that it’s not.

Here are some things you need to consider, think about, and do if you want a bedroom that’s perfect for sleep.

The Right Temperature

Your bedroom needs to be the right temperature for sleep, or you’re going to struggle. You may end up lying awake, or waking up constantly because you’re uncomfortable. Being too hot or too cold can do this. Your bedroom should be between 60-67 degrees for optimal sleep.

A Comfortable Bed

Your bed needs to be tailored to your own individual needs. There’s no one size fits all that suits everybody. It can be even harder to set up the perfect bed if you sleep with another person. The best thing you can do is go and test beds in person. You need something that’s not too firm, but not too soft; usually, this means being able to fit two fingers under your back while lying down. Also focus on having breathable, high quality bedding that will last. The higher the cotton count, the more luxurious the bedding, usually.

Get The Lighting Right

Pitch black is the only real way to get a quality sleep. You shouldn’t even have lights from TVs and appliances, as they can disrupt your sleep and confuse your circadian rhythms. Make sure you can dim the lights when you’re relaxed, and then completely shut them off when it’s time to sleep. Blinds are one of the best ways to block lights out from outside, too.

Incorporate Scent

Most people don’t consider this point, but it can be a real game changer when it comes to quality sleep. Make sure you scent your space with aromatherapy or something similar, as this will help you to drop off much more readily than without. Some oils out there are just perfect for naturally drifting off into sleep, like lavender. However, there are lots out there, so there’s something to suit everyone if you don’t like the smell of lavender. Aromatherapy is far better than using candles or incense, as you don’t want to leave something burning while you drift off.

Make It Void Of Technology

Your room should be totally void of technology. If you have TVs and other appliances in there, you’re going to end up lying awake at night. This isn’t just because of the light that they can emit, but because you will begin to associate your bedroom with things other than sleep. This can make it extremely difficult to drift off, so if you need something to help you out, read a book instead. A book will help you to feel tired in no time at all.

So, is your bedroom perfectly prepped for sleep? What are you going to change? Leave your comments below!

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