It’s Beginning to Look like Christmas in Our Home

The title to today’s blog post may sound cliché but I had to do it y’all. Plus, it really is starting to look like Christmas in our home. While I love decorating for each season and I know that after Halloween many people jump right to Christmas, I don’t. I waited until after our Thanksgiving dinner to decorate for the Holidays. I loved having pumpkins everywhere. So on the 25th it felt like it was a good time to switch out our decor.

Now that the Christmas decor is up, it will stay through January 6. This is said to be the day the three wise men arrived at Jesus’ manger and gave him their gifts. As little girls we always waited until this date to bring down the Christmas decor, so it’ a tradition. One that I hope the girls will carry with them. I usually procrastinate for everything. But this year, I started shopping earlier than usual.

Shop Christmas Decor

I started to look for decorations last month and found some items to love. We sold our home in 2019 and have rented since. This is our first year in our home and while it’s our second Christmas here; I feel like this year I can truly personalize each space with holiday cheer. I’m somewhat starting from scratch as my style has change too.

Most of our home is decorated with neutrals, with some exceptions. I was super excited to find wooden signs, candles, rugs and florals in tones that matched our home. I am linking everything that I recently shopped for below, that way you can shop if you’re still looking for ways to decorate your own home.

Holiday Cheer in our Kitchen
Holiday Cheer at our Front Door

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