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Decorations for dinning table

I can’t believe Christmas day is only in a few days. My little one is so excited and beyond all the chaos in my head, I am too. We will be spending part of the holidays with my family and knowing this, I promised my husband not to get carried away with decorating. Surprisingly, I kept this very promise and have managed to only add a few bits of holiday cheer around our home.

I will share some of the photos I have taken. And a peek into some DIYs I was able to complete as well.

This is a partial shot of the living room, where I added throw pillows that I made. I will share a tutorial on this in a later post this week, so stay tuned.

Living room
This year, I even agreed to buying an artificial tree! Since I would not be able to personally care for a fresh cut tree, it did not seem like a bad idea. I will admit the tree looks good and is pretty low maintenance. But next year, I will probably go back to my traditional fresh cut tree.

Christmas Tree

Below is my littlest helping decorate, last year she was too small to help and this photo will make a nice memory for years to come.

Adding christmas ornaments

I thought to share this ornament below because it’s from an ornament exchange a friend arranged last year. It was a lot of fun and this year we are exchanging mugs, can’t wait for mine to get here.

Beach ornament

In our dining room, I slightly decorated the table with some pine needle branches, berries, pine cones and a white table runner. Did you spot the wooden sign in the background? I will spill details on how I made this on another post.

Decorations for dinning table

I added this cute Christmas countdown printable that I found for free here to our kitchen countertop. My oldest has been so happy to take on the job of keeping up with it.
Christmas Countdown PrintableChristmas countdown printable

I added small details in my room, where I keep the typewriter that my husband gave me for my birthday a few years back.
Holiday decor

Lastly, is canvas that I made a few years ago when I first started getting into DIYs.  And I have hung it  it every year since, like a trophy!

DIY canvas

I hope you enjoyed the few details that I shared here. Our house is still pretty new to our family, so I hope that my next holiday decor post will have a lot more to share. Come back to check out some my future posts on the DIYs I shared.

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