Kid-Friendly Recipes You Can Try This Weekend

4th of July Food - Breakfast

My girls are ok eaters! Actually, the nine year old is a good eater. She gets excited about veggies like Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli. The five year old… Well this one is a bit more picky. So every now and then I have to get creative with meals. Her pediatrician advised to let her get involved in the kitchen. These kid friendly recipes are ones that they girls have loved and I wanted to re-share. I am linking each one below for you to check out, try and save to your Pinterest in case you want to try it later.


Chicken + Bacon Flat Bread

The flatbread is one of out favorites. While we love ordering pizza, there’s something fun about making these flat breads. I love watching the girls turn into mini chefs. This recipe is especially perfect because the each add what they want, so even the pickiest eater should be happy to make and eat one.

Cheesy Chicken Nachos

Nachos may not qualify as dinner but it’s a super fun recipe and perfect for a Friday night when no-one really feels like cooking but everyone is hungry. 😛

Tex Mex Recipe - Nachos

Cajun Chicken Wings

Who doesn’t love wings? I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who doesn’t. In fact my nine year old is obsessed and well the five year old also eats them because they’re mini chickens she says. 🙂

Cajun Chicken Wings

Five Ingredients Pancakes

Breakfast is probably the easiest meal in my home. These pancakes recipe is one both girls agreed to be a winner. What I liked was being able to make pancakes from scratch – it’s not that hard. 😉

4th of July Food - Breakfast

Chocolate Stuffed Crescent Rolls

Perfect for breakfast or dessert! No matter what, the little ones will love these. Which kid friendly recipes will you try? Tell me below.

Easy Breakfast Chocolate Croissants

Buen Provecho,

Thirty Minus One

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  1. Omg those chicken wings look amazing. Can you come to my house and cook for this picky eighteen year old?! haha

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