Kleenex Wet Wipes is my New Make-Up Allied

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* This post is sponsored by Kleenex at Walgreens but the content and opinions expressed here are my own!

Wipes! I feel that this is an essential in any home, and I mean any home – with and without little ones. While, as a mom having wipes around my home comes with the territory, I have to admit that I am stoked to have Kleenex Wet Wipes as an option now. Why? Because I don’t have to share with the girls anymore – Woohoo!

Also because of the fact that Kleenex Wet Wipes don’t have the harsh chemicals that other wipes carry! Which means that they’re safe to use on my face. And they are also thick and soft enough to use on my hands.

It has been very easy to incorporate Kleenex Wet Wipes into my lifestyle because they are conveniently small and fit right into my bag. Which is perfect, since I am always On The Go! I also keep a pack in my car because that’s where lots of messes happen.


My Make-up Allied

I often do my make up in the car and let me tell you that it’s not an easy job! Seriously, am I the only one that find applying lipstick on in front of a car’s mirror a bit challenging? Luckily, I can correct any make up mishaps with my Kleenex Wet Wipes. And I love knowing that my skin is not exposed to harsh chemicals anymore.

Stop using the incorrect wipes for cleaning your hands and face, get your hands on Kleenex Wet Wipes at your local Walgreens. Plus, purchase 2 Kleenex Wet Wipes at Walgreens and receive a $1 Rebate through the Ibotta App. You’re welcome!

Happy Friday!
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  1. Yes, I totally agree! Wipes are everything! Although, I usually only use specific make-up wipes or clorox for the household, I’ll be trying these out! Thanks.

  2. Kleenex wet wipes look so good, I have not tried them but seen them in the aisles of the shopping mall many times. It is a good idea to keep them handy for all the makeup as well as other needs. You look so pretty!

  3. My mom used to always keep wet wipes in her purse, bathroom, bedroom etc. I never understood until I asked her and she said “They are so much gentler on your skin than some of the other stuff out there!” She also used baby oil to remove eye makeup too.

  4. I also keep wipes and sanitizer in my car! You never know when you need them! Though I have never tried Kleenex wet wipes and can’t wait to check it out!

  5. I use wet wipes during my travels. A must to freshen up my tired looking face during long journeys. Not used of this brand but will certainly consider.

  6. I love how portable these Kleenex wet wipes are. I also means a lot that they are free from harsh chemicals. Thanks for the incentive to give it a try! 👍🏼

  7. It’s a great idea to have these Kleenex wet wipes handy like this. Doing your make-up on the go can often be a battle so it really helps to have a wet wipe to hand!

  8. Girl, I can totally relate with struggling with make up in the car.Wet wipes are definitely lifesavers when it comes to fixing make up mishaps!!

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