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Lash extensions! This is something that had been on my mind for quite some time. I’m not really sure what kept me from doing it. But I’ll admit that I was a bit on the fence about it. After getting the opportunity to get my lash extension with The Lash lounge in Memorial Green, all I could think was, “why did it took me so long to do this?”

From the moment I walked in, my experience was great! The staff was welcoming, the lobby was clean and inviting. They walked me through the process they answer my questions and even offered some information upfront.

The Process

The last tech that would take care of me walked over and introduced herself. She then walked me over to the station where I would be sit through the extension process. She asked me a few questions to better understand what were my expectations for this experience. While, I had the option to take a nap, Rola  was so great that we chatted the entire time instead.

The entire process took three hours, and this was just because it was my first time. I was advised that fill-ins would need to be done every 2 to 3 weeks, and on those visits I would only spend about an hour at the salon. I was sent home with brushes for my lashes, care instructions and a lash sealer that I bought as it would help maintain my lashes as intact as possible – and let me tell you that I swear by it.

Before & After

I love the volume and length my lashes got from doing the lash extension. While I naturally have lots of lashes, I lack length. Getting the extensions, definitely made a big difference.

It has already been two weeks and my lashes still look great. I will be due for a fill-ins soon and will make sure to share the experience with you on Instagram. 😉

If you’re a Houston Babe and you’re thinking about getting lash extension or any other lash service, make sure to visit The Lash Lounge – you will not be disappointed.

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* This post is was a collaboration with The Lash Lounge, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own!

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  1. I’ve thought of doing lash extensions, but I rub my eyes often and thinking about how I might need to fix them ever so frequent made me hesitate. But my sister is a sucker for lash extension!

  2. you look wonderful! The difference is huge! I was also hesitating to do a lash extension. I am stil not sure because for the shape of my eyes the really long lashes touch my browbone and that disturbs me (I’ve tried and can’t stand long fake lashes) so I am not sure if I will feel comfortable with the extensions… hesitations…

  3. This looks like a cool trendy spot to enjoy with the chicas. I would love to get some lashes but I am super nervous. Yours look so fabulous it’s so tempting!!

  4. Wow! Your lashes look really nice! I have been thinking of getting my lashes done. I’m definitely considering it more now that I see yours. They’re very nice!

  5. Holy wow! The difference is incredible!! I totally would have taken them up on the nap hahaha. I might have to do something like this one of these days!

  6. Awesome stuff! I think I wear too much makeup for lash extensions to make sense for me (and I love having different lash options for different makeup looks with strip lashes) but they sure are gorgeous on you! One of my best friends does lash extensions and they always look amazing on her, too!

  7. Oh man, I miss getting lash extensions. It’s been a few months now and I definitely think that as I move closer to my wedding date, I’ll start getting them again. They’re so helpful and so easy! Yours look amazing!

  8. I have never done lash extension and this is great information for me, especially there is a picture with all the white tape on 🙂 At least I wont be shocked when told to put tape on my face. Yes, the difference between before and after is so huge. I really love the result!

  9. Wow! That is such a huge difference. I have been very skeptical of lash extensions but this looks amazing. Do you still wear mascara or will that make them fall off?

    IG: @JustMeOMaya

  10. Oh wow the lashes look so full and gorgeous that is such a transformation. It looks like a really easy process too. I hope that they last really well I cant wait to hear an update in a few weeks!

  11. You look great! The difference before and after is so visible! I’ve been thinking about it and I think i’ll go for it. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I will be anxious to see your follow up. I’m so tempted to get lash extensions but really nervous that it will rip out the few lashes I still have! You look lovely with and without the extensions.

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