Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A 5 Star Hotel Room

You shouldn’t have to stay in a luxury hotel to get a good night’s sleep. Here are several ways that you can make your bedroom feel as cosy as a five-star hotel room.

Cut down on clutter

A sense of tidiness is calming. If every surface of your bedroom is covered in clutter, consider sparing some time to sift through these items so that you can get rid of anything you no longer need. Find ways of storing other clutter away, even if it means buying new storage options. By cutting down on visible clutter, your room feel much cosier.

Upgrade your bedding

It could also be worth upgrading your bedding. If you’re able to splash out some serious money, you could consider a hybrid mattress – these contain a layer of memory foam on a hard mattress give you sturdiness and softness. Also consider buying some bright white Egyptian cotton sheets for that inviting hotel bed feel. Don’t be put off white sheets by the fact that they stain easily – there are many guides online that can help you when it comes to how to get sheets white. Also consider other elements of your bedding such as your duvet and pillows. For many people the thickness and material of these is personal preference.

Regulate the temperature

In order to keep your bedroom temperature at just the right level, consider switching to smart heating. This could allow you to control the temperature of your room from your phone – this could save you having to get up in the night to reach for the thermostat. Getting a digital thermometer in your room could also allow you to automate your heating to come on when it gets too cold or air conditioning to come on when it gets too hot.

Block out the morning sunlight

Blackout curtains or blinds could be just what you need if you’re tired of being woken up by street lights or the morning sun. On top of blocking out the light, these curtains can help to keep your room cool. You can even get these remote controlled so that you don’t have to get up to open and close them.

Keep your feet warm

If you’ve got wooden floors in your bedroom, it could be time to lay down a carpet or alternatively buy a nice rug. This can help to keep your feet warm first thing in the morning when you get out of bed. Another more expensive option could be underfloor heating.

Wake up to a cup of coffee

Why not put a kettle or coffee machine on your bedside cabinet so that you can wake up an make yourself a nice hot brew without leaving the bed. You could also put a TV in your bedroom and wake up to some morning television, allowing to wake up more gradually. You could even set your TV and kettle to come on at a certain time in the morning – an alarm with a difference.

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  1. I never thought about putting a coffee pot by the bed. That might be a nice treat for my husband!

  2. I love this! What a wonderful way to provide self-care to yourself – every day! We are in the process of a move, but when we settle in, I will keep your post and suggestions in mind … to luxuriate in my bedroom, as if I’m at a high-end hotel. (And now, if I can only book a daily house cleaner. Thanks!! <3

  3. Sooo pretty! Your room looks so calm and relaxing. When we first moved into our new home they had a bright green master bedroom – I couldn’t sleep till we painted!! It’s so important to make your space feel inviting

  4. This is such a beautiful and inspiring post! I mean I love my bedroom set up but I could really do with the added luxurious touch 🙂 My husband will be grateful to you for the changes I’m about to make to our bedroom 😉 Thanks for this lovely tips xxx

  5. This is such a beautiful and inspiring post! I mean I love my bedroom set up but I could really do with the added luxurious touch 🙂 My husband will be grateful to you for the changes I’m about to make to our bedroom 😉 Thanks for this lovely tips xxx

  6. I Ann working on getting rid of the clutter. I have always been a fan of luxury bedding. It makes me feel treasured.

  7. I live in a small studio so my living space is the same as my sleeping space and when it gets cluttered it’s difficult for me to want to do anything in the space, so I totally relate the de-cluttering your bedroom. It brings a sort of peace to the mind.

    Great post! x


  8. Love this post!! I recently upgraded my bedding to some light blue sheets and added cream curtains instead of blinds, and it really did change the vibe of the room. Love the coffee maker idea! I wish I could do that, but my bedside table is so small, and I don’t think my hubby would go for it. Haha!

  9. For so long my bedroom has just been a place where I sleep and get dressed. But sleep is so important and you’ve inspired me to take another look at making this a more luxurious space. Thanks!

  10. YES! Black out curtains are the best! The bedding you choose makes a big difference as well! Its so worth the extra money for high quality sheets!

  11. LOVE THIS! especially love the idea about blocking out sunlight It makes a huge difference!

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