Mermaid Birthday Party Theme Idea for Girls

The first birthday party is the biggest for me. I celebrated my first daughter’s birthday with a big party. And of course, I had to do the same for my littlest.Now, because her birthday is in Spring, I knew I wanted it to be colorful! So I went for a Mermaid party theme, which in reality is more of a summer theme. 😛


The first thing was get the invitations. I found this cute and affordable invitation from Marley Design on Etsy. Since it was a digital copy, I used Shutterfly to print and mail them out on my behalf. It was so easy and I highly recommend it, zero stress! 😉

mermaid them party


Next, I decided on a color scheme and decorations. Purple, green, blue and white were the main colors I used. I decorated with balloons, crape paper, confetti, and other goodies that I found, to bring the Mermaid theme to life.


mermaid themed party

The glittered one I made out of card box and glitter. A simple DIY, using items I already had at home. Some of the sea creatures along the columns, I also made from cardboard cut-outs. Taking a DIY route helped me involve my oldest, who enjoys crafting.mermaid themed party

mermaid themed party


The party was really for the little ones, so I wanted to have lots of sweets for them to enjoy. While keeping the food simple, but delicious. Especially because the party was mid-afternoon; between lunch and dinner.

This timing was perfect for keeping cooking efforts to a minimum. I cooked up these easy beef sliders for the adults and hot dogs for the little one. I also made blue punch or “sea foam” with tips from a family member, who had hosted a Frozen themed party that same month. And I tried to use fun names for each item, so the little ones to giggle a bit!

Mermaid Theme Birthday Party

mermaid themed party

mermaid themed party

mermaid themed party

mermaid themed party

Goodie Bags

Instead of goodie bags, I opted for sand buckets. These seemed like the perfect treat, especially with summer around the corner. And I let each kiddo stuff their own with whatever goodies they wanted.

mermaid themed party

mermaid themed party

If you liked this Mermaid Party Theme make sure to share it on Pinterest. 🙂 Do you have a birthday party coming up? Leave me a comment about your theme.

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  1. Hi! I love your tent cards to label food items. Were those from the same Etsy shop as your invites? The shop is on a break, so I can’t tell for myself. 🙁

    1. Hi Mauree, I just noticed the shop is on break. 😢

      For the food cards, we had a family member help with them. They did waves similar to the ones on the invitation.

      I have a Pinterest folder with Mermaid party items that I’ll leave you in case it’s helpful: https://pin.it/4JhWntg.

      Hope your party turns our beautiful, this was by far my favorite party for my little ones. 😊

      Xx, Nailil

  2. What a lovely idea! I loved the adorable names for all the different snacks and treats. This looks like it was great fun to make and experience. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow, this is definitely a great idea for holding up a birthday party.I haven’t try a Mermaid party theme before and I find this article useful and the tips that are given are on point.I am sure those who come for the birthday party will enjoy themselves throughout the party.

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