Movie Theme Birthday Party Idea for Kids

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FOUR birthdays… that’s how many birthdays we have celebrated in isolation. Call me naive but I honestly didn’t expect to celebrate all our birthdays in quarantine. Somehow after each one, our celebrations and decor have gotten better. 🙂 The latest was a Movie Theme Birthday Party. Before that in April for Nalani’s birthday we really didn’t do much yet she enjoyed it. The mom in me however, is thinking about a half year celebration… To make up for what we didn’t get to do. In June both the hubby and I had birthdays too. I got a birthday cake made to order and delicious dinner with wine. While the hubby got a homemade steak dinner and a cookie cake. 🙂

If you ask me, I think Nayelli had the best celebration so far. We looked on Pinterest for ideas and decided on a Movie Theme Birthday Party; which seemed perfect for these times of isolation. After deciding on the theme I got to shopping. I found some items in store and what I couldn’t find I just ordered online. I am linking everything below in case that you have any upcoming parties you’re shopping for. 😉


I’d forgotten how much planning goes into a birthday party. While this small celebration doesn’t compare to the Mermaid party I planned for her sister a few years ago, it was still some work. It paid off because it turned out to be a memorable TEN YEAR party celebration!


I shopped locally like I mentioned but found most items online. The stars garland, letter balloons, photo props and cake topper all came from Amazon. The letter box was also purchased online. 🙂 The paper plates and cups, I found locally but linked similar options for you. All the candy I shopped for locally as well, that way she could pick her favorites. Tell me, are you inspired to do a movie themed party? 🙂





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