My Favorite Black Bodysuits and Why They are a Must-Have

Bodysuits are one of those garments that I feel can be used to create many different outfits. Therefore an essential and must-have. Depending on the bodysuit style and fabric; these can be worn in either casual or formal settings. They are a great option for layering, under a Jean jacket for brunch or a blazer for work. This one I’ve had for a while and have worn to create many different outfits throughout the seasons. Like in this fall look, where I paired it with the plaid skirt. Here I paired the bodysuit with my favorite mom Jeans, sandals, a headband and my favorite handbag.

An outfit like this one, I feel is good to transition from winter to spring. Though the bodysuit is long sleeves,  these can easily be rolled up. 😉 Another tip for wearing bodysuits is to skip on snapping them. They can be a lot more comfortable that way. While I’ve had this one for a while, I have found some similar bodysuits and linked them for you below. The mom jeans I have been raving about on instagram are linked below and if you’re lucky you’ll catch the sale Express has going on right now. While skinny jeans are my true love, I am currently loving straight and mom jeans too. The sandals are from last season but have linked a similar pair for you.

Finally the handbag, I’ve linked my favorite Tory Burch which is similar to this one. It has similar chain details, which I absolutely love. Headbands seem to be an accessory that will stay for a bit, so I am linking a few options as well. 🙂


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  1. I actually don’t own any bodysuits (so behind the times, lol) but love how they seamlessly tuck in to jeans and skirts!

  2. Gosh, I haven’t had a bodysuit in my closet in ages, but you’re making me want to get some again. I forgot how versatile and convenient they are. This outfit is so cute!

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