My Favorite Grilling Recipe: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Pioneer Woman BBQ Sauces

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GRILLING is one of our favorite things to do! From the time Summer begins all the way until the seasons change to Fall we find time to cook our favorites on the grill. Learning about the new Pioneer Woman BBQ sauces at H-E-B was just the excuse I needed to get the hubby to agree to a small tailgating gathering. 🙂 But because he loves to grill, I didn’t really need to twist his arm too much! 😉 He’s such a foodie and loves trying out the latest products too. And the three new Pioneer Woman BBQ Sauce flavors were a must on our list.

Tailgating Tip: H-E-B paper bags are great for carrying all your tailgate essentials.

He has lived in Texas his whole life and since moving here with him, I’ve learned to love BBQ. And I feel that the key to a good BBQ is the sauce. Let me tell that the Pioneer Woman trio does not disappoint. Each one is packed with flavor… Take the Frontier BBQ Sauce variety for example, it has the perfect amount of heat. Because I love flavors with a kick, this is the one I used for today’s recipe. Everyone LOVED the flavor it brought to the chicken sandwiches. I have also tried the other two varieties. The Apple Brown Sugar BBQ sauce has just the right amount of sweetness with chunks of tart apples. While the Peach Whiskey BBQ sauce is such a perfect combination, I love the slight whiskey flavor and could use it on everything, even to make a delicious dip. 🙂

How to Make BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

This recipe is really simple but SO flavorful. You only need a handful of ingredients; chicken, pepper, buns and your favorite Pioneer Woman BBQ Sauce. I used the Frontier variety but you could use the Apple Brown Sugar or Peach Whiskey if you prefer, they’re equally delicious. Grilling the chicken to the right temperature is key, moist chicken makes the best sandwiches. Once the chicken is cooked, you’ll simply shred the chicken and mix it with the BBQ sauce. Then serve on your favorite type of buns and enjoy! 🙂 The full recipe is listed below, so make sure to give it a try! This quick but delicious BBQ Chicken Sandwiches recipe is one that can be enjoyed now and later. 😉 Don’t forget that you can now find Pioneer Woman BBQ Sauce in the BBQ Aisle at your local H-E-B!

Tailgating Tip: Season the chicken and pack it in a resealable bag if grilling onsite.


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  1. Yum! We love our smoker and make BBQ 🍗 almost daily! Especially when it’s perfect outdoor hanging weather. I’ll have to try the sauces you used / love the pics!!

  2. Oh your post is making me hungry. I am now going to my kitchen and making some sandwiches and would try Pioneer woman BBQ sauces too

  3. This will take my tailgate to a new level! I love grilling outside of my Jeep, I do a lot of camping so this would totally work for making yummy dinners!!

  4. YUM I love a good BBQ! Living in London I really don’t get to barbecue very often, I miss it! These sandwiches sound perfect for game day!

    xx Mollie

  5. So fun! I love a good bbq sandwich! I recently tried The Pioneer Woman’s pasta sauce and I can only imagine how good the bbq sauce is! Definitely going to give it a try!

  6. This makes me wish I enjoyed BBQ. I’ve never been able to get into that flavor, but my entire family LOVES it. And they all love Pioneer Woman, so I’ve gotta recommend these to them!

  7. This is SO cute, and this totally makes me want to tailgate. I love this idea! I am vegetarian, but my family would love this AND I can just pop some veggies on the grill to eat. It sounds yummy, though!

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