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If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen that a few weeks ago I created an office nook. This past few months I have dedicated time to updating areas of our apartment to make it feel more like home. Because our apartment is pretty small, getting an office was out of the question. I found a space where I could place my desk and call it my workspace. Though it took a bit of creativity and fun finds from Burkes Outlet to bring it together. The best part is that I don’t have to work in the bedroom anymore. 🙂

While I feel that the space is pretty functional, I am still on the market for a desk chair. I have combed the web but can’t seem to commit to one. So until them I’ll continue to work with what I have. 🙂 Aside fro the need for a new desk chair, I am happy with the space. The updates in the office nook included, a space for my furry co-worker. Khloe would sometimes lay by me when I worked, so I knew I had to get her good bed.

I added some tabletop decor to my desk, like the faux succulent. I wanted some greenery in the space and also picked up a snake plant at a local nursery. I’ve always wanted plants but never had much of a green thumb. Though I am happy to report that our fiddle leaf, Bruce (yes, we named it) has been well and alive since March. 😛 Other adds to the space included the small rug and cozy blanket where. I truly just needed something to rest my feet on while working and this nooks is positioned in a way, that a larger rug would have clashed with the dinning table that is near by. Yes, that’s how small the space is. So tell me, have you re-decorated any spaces in your home? 

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