Panama: Part III – Bocas del Toro

Red Frog Beach

If you have been following along my Panama adventure, thanks for coming back to read the last post in the series! If you’re just joining me, thanks for visiting, you can catch up here.

On the previous post, I shared details about a five-point tour that we did upon arriving in Bocas del Toro. That tour was great for two reasons. One, it was an all day event and two, we got to see a lot more than we would have on our own.

Books Town, Bocas del Toro

Day two of our stay in Bocas, was quite an adventure, we got to cross off another bucket list item, zip lining. And though I am afraid of height as much as I am afraid of drowning, I am glad to have done this.

We got up early that morning and got ready to head in to town, but this time it was hard to find transportation. So we sort of hitchhiked. A nice gentleman who was on the clock – I assume because of the vehicle that he was driving – stopped for us. When we got to town I offered to pay him what it would’ve cost us to catch a taxi. He refused, but I insisted. If that’s not an act of kindness, I don’t know what is. The people in Bocas are genuinely kind.

Back to our adventure! We quickly grabbed breakfast and went off to catch the boat to Red Frog Beach Island Resort.

Bocas Town

We got there and were greeted by their friendly staff. Even though we were not guests, we were treated as such. We had access to most of the facility and every interaction while there was very pleasant.Zip line at Red Frog Beach

The wait wasn’t even long because soon we were getting geared up and heading off to our first platform.

Red Frog Beach

We took a short drive up to a point and continued hiking up to the first platform. The views on the way there were stunning.

Red Frog Beach Zip Line Adventure

Zip line at Red Frog Beach

Red Frog Beach Bocas del Toro

It took us about an hour to go through all the platforms because we were a small group of four, plus two instructors.

Once we finished we went to check out the beach. The water was beautifully blue, but the waves were harsh, perfect for surfing, I bet.

Red Frog BeachLater that day we went back to our Airbnb home to rest and change. Then walked back to town, not without stopping at Bocas Brewery first. This place had some great craft beer. The staff was very nice and even the owner was around to interact with the customers. I recommend you add this place to your list if you plan to visit Bocas.

Once we made it to town, we ate dinner at Pollo Rosti. A place that was recommended by a group of tourist surfers we shared a cab with. An order of half chicken, fries and patacones (fried plantains) was enough to fill us up and inexpensive.

Our night ended at Aqua Lounge, this place had such a laid back atmosphere. I wish we could have gone back. Though I recommend going during the day in order to enjoy all the swings and trampolines you can use to jump into the water.

Just like that, our trip ended. The next day we were able to sleep in a little, grab brunch and head to the airport. We felt satisfied with our trip but we still have a small list of things to do in Bocas. I guess this means we will be back soon

I hope you are inspired by this post and venture out to Bocas del Toro at some point.

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