How to Make (Patriotic) Pancakes from Scratch

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Happy 4th of July Y’all! While I am lucky to be home with the girls, my husband had to work. But the good thing is that he gets off work really early. 🙂 Even though we haven’t really made plans for tonight, I thought it would be nice to at least start our day off with something fun. What’s more fun than 4th of July inspired pancakes from scratch?!

4th of July Food - Breakfast

I have always wanted to make pancakes from scratch but turning to Aunt Jemima’s pre-mixed pancakes always seemed easier. Instead of doing the usual, I decided that today I would find a good recipe and try my hand at these homemade pancakes. I was so happy to have found this easy recipe on Pinterest…

The best part is that it only calls for a handful of ingredients, most of which I already had; flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, egg, milk and butter. Most of which you probably already have.

To make the pancakes, mix all the dry ingredients first and set aside. Then, mix the wet ingredients and set aside. Beat the egg in a separate bowl; then mix it with the other wet ingredients. Now, mix both, wet and dry ingredients.

4th of July Food - Breakfast

As far as cooking, pour mix to desired pancake size on a hot greased pan – I greased the pan with butter but non-stick spay may work well too. Once the pancake starts to bubble, it’s time to flip over and brown the other side.

Once done, you can remove from pan and serve warm with syrup or toppings of choice. I got creative and used cake frosting which I died with red and blue food coloring. I also added some fresh fruit since we were trying to accomplish a patriotic 4th of July look. 🙂

What do you think? Super easy right?! Make sure to pin this for later. Also, visit the original recipe with the link above.

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