Pork Street Tacos with De La Viuda Hot Sauces

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Network Niche Influencer Agency on behalf of De La Viuda Hot Sauce.

It is time for spring cleaning and that includes your spice cabinet. 🙂 So start making room for the new De La Viuda hot sauces. These flavorful hot sauces will become your favorite add on to any recipe. I have already used these on a few of our favorites and can not get enough of their bold flavors.

You know by now that Mexican food is our go-to! At least once a week, there is a Mexican or Tex-Mex meal on our menu. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner; we never say no to Mexican food. While, I know I have shared quite a few Mexican recipes with y’all in the past. This time I am not only sharing our favorite Street Tacos recipe, but two sauces that can take any Mexican recipe to another level of deliciousness. 🙂 De La Viuda hot sauces are my new favorite add ons!

These hot sauces are a recipe of Señora Sanchez and will soon be available at stores near you. The sauces are to include two option; the Original flavor and Green Pepper flavor. The original is a red hot sauce with chile de árbol peppers, blended with an authentic mix of hand-selected premium ingredients and spices. The Green Pepper hot sauce is a mix of poblano and habanero peppers blended to create a unique flavor. If like heat these are for you, because they are spicy but also packed with a lot of flavor.

The Street Tacos that I prepared were perfect to test out each hot sauce flavor. 🙂 I started by cooking my favorite cut of pork in our air fryer, this took about 20 minutes. While the pork cooked, I cut all the veggies that I wanted to include on our taco bar; onions, tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeños and limes. I also warmed up the tortillas on our family comal – a cast iron griddle. This is my favorite way to heat up tortillas. They always come out crisp this way. Once the pork was ready, I diced it in small pieces for the tacos. I set up the taco bar and each family member made their own. I love setting up taco bars because these make the kids feel included in the kitchen.

After making my tacos, I added just a bit of the original hot sauce to one taco and the green pepper sauce to the other taco. Both hot sauces offered a lot of flavor to the tacos, so it is hard to recommend one over the other. 🙂 My recommendation would be to get your hands on one of each flavor and try them for yourself. You can visit https://www.delaviudahotsauce.com and enjoy $5 off a 4-pack of De La Viuda hot sauces, plus free shipping. Spice up someone’s life, gift two and keep two for yourself. 😉 Do not forget to follow @delaviudahotsauce on Instagram and Facebook to see where they will be available for purchase near you. Keep scrolling for the full street tacos recipe instructions! 😉


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  1. The new website branding name looks real good. Oh and I would so eat your taco, I am sure it would taste good

  2. Re: Keep scrolling for the full street tacos recipe instructions! 😉

    ^^ I kept scrolling, but can’t seem to find the full instructions. Am I retarded or is it not there?

    Thanks for this write up btw — i just bought a 4 pack of the hot sauce.

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