How to Make Quick and Delicious Chocolate Croissants

Easy Breakfast Chocolate Croissants
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Chocolate Croissants are a favorite around here. Because so is chocolate, when I combine the two in this chocolate croissant recipe, no one can resist the temptation of having one or two of these sweet treats.

I have made these for breakfast, but they make the perfect snack. As most of the recipes I have shared, they’re super easy to make. These chocolate croissants are going to be one of your favorite too, I promise!

Easy Breakfast Chocolate Croissants

I use Pillsbury™ Crescents and Nestlé Toll Chocolate Morsels for this recipe. While you don’t have to use these specific brands, these are some that I am somewhat loyal to. 🙂 I followed the instructions on the package but added the chocolate chips before completely rolling each one. Then, brushed each roll with butter, baked, and served warm. The girls loved these. Since I’m sort of addicted to sweets, I too enjoyed these. It’s our go-to sweet snack, I mean who doesn’t love Chocolate croissants?!

Easy Breakfast Chocolate Croissants

Easy Breakfast Chocolate Croissants

Easy Breakfast Chocolate Croissants

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