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Walmart sports gear shop for fall sports
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Back to School means back to sports for a lot of parents. If you are among those… You have got to check out Walmart’s Fall Youth Sports Shop! If your little ones play Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Swim and even Lacrosse, you will find all the fall youth sports gear that you need at Walmart. I have done most of the shopping for you and organized my finds by sports below, you’re welcome. 😉

I played soccer for two year in High School and so did my sisters. Then years later, when I had girls, I hoped they would also play the sport. Turns out that Nalani is a natural and I think she may end up playing like her tias and I did. I’m happy that one of the two will carry on what somewhat became a tradition.

Lucky for us, Walmart had what we needed to get her started and practice her skills. They even had some cute styles that she could wear to practice. If you are a girl mom, I linked her tee below, so that you can easily shop it. 🙂 It says, this princess wear cleats – just adorable. I also found shorts with are great for girls to wear during practice.

The soccer ball – also from Walmart is the largest size available. But I loved that when shopping, I was able to find different sizes, from beginner to size 5 (like the one Nalani has). I thought it would be great to get a hand pump, for quick fill ups when needed. I almost bought the soccer goals but we have a nice park so close to our home, that I opted not to buy them (yes, I did linked them below). 🙂 Are your kiddos playin any fall sports; tell me which in the comments. 🙂





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