The Outfit(s) I Wore for My 34th Birthday

I celebrated my birthday earlier this month. While I’m officially closer to my mid 30s, yet I don’t feel as old as people like to make 30s sound! 😁 What I mean is that my husband has been joking about how old we’re getting and as cliche as it may sound… I think 30s is really the new 20s, not feeling old at all. 😉 Anyhow, my celebration wasn’t as big as the ones in my twenties but it was enough for me. Breakfast in bed, a little cake, dinner and wine! Since my abuelo’s birthday is three days after mine, we celebrated together. The man is 88 and it’s a blessing to be able to celebrate together that way.

For my solo celebration, we did a fun DIY Moët Cake – the how to video is on Instagram. 😁 I wanted a unique cake on a budget, so I took the DIY route. If was fun because the entire family was somehow involved in making sure it turned out ok.

What I wore… This romper is one of the three outfits I wore. 😂 Not sure why I changed so much… I wore this and another outfit and then a jumpsuit I love to lounge in. This romper is an Amazon find that I love at under $30. I am linking it below in case you want to get it for your wardrobe. I love its floral print and the tie detail on the back. The ruffles are such a feminine detail, and this has quite a bit of ruffles. The length is good too because it’s not revealing, so you can wear it with confidence for summer parties and gatherings.

The other outfit I wore, is linked below too; it’s more casual yet perfect for a date night or night out on the town. 😉 This is a birthday post after all, so I thought it would be fun if I leave you with six fun facts about me, seeing that 6/6 is my birth date. I love learning about the readers too. So if you would leave me a comment with a fun fact about you, I’d love that. 😌

Six Facts About the Lady Behind the Blog (Me):

  1. I am afraid of water, I swim but get anxious if I can’t feel the ground under me.
  2. I have been a dog mom for 12 years, and human mama for 10.
  3. I have visited 15 countries in my lifetime, lived in three of the 15.
  4. I am a huge foodie and craft beer lover, my hubby shares this with me.
  5. My dream at one point was to work or own a flower shop, my littlest says I should still go for it.
  6. My favorite color is green, it hasn’t changed in years!


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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, my friend! You look amazing in that adorable romper! Green has always been my favorite color for my entire life and has never changed either. I have to say that as I approach 50, I feel younger and better than ever! 30 is definitely the new 20. Actually, I think 40 is the new 20 which would make you still a teen! Keep on rocking your 30’s just the way you have been!


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