These are the Five Things You Need on a Bar Cart

Setting up a Bar Cart is not as hard as you may think! The first thing, obviously is to find a cart at a good price point. This one for instance, I got for under $150!

Favorite Liquor

While I’m not a huge fan of hard liquor, there are a few exceptions. On my bar cart, you’ll find Tequila, wine, and often whiskey. This allows for a variety of drinks be made; I somewhat consider them the essentials! Of course, the type of liquor you decide to add to your cart is completely up to you. 😉


Whether fresh or faux, flowers can easily transform a space. I recommend adding some to the bar cart to add a bit of a personal touch. For me, having fresh flowers is a must. There’s just something about them; they bring so much life to a space.


Wine glasses, cocktail glasses and copper mugs are just a few of the drink-ware options I have on my bar cart. Depending on what you drink, you can adjust this, of course. What is important is to keep a few options on your bar cart, so that you have all you need in one space.

Decorative Items

Because a bar cart is not just for drinks, I added a few decorative pieces that would tie in the cart to the rest of the space. The theme in my living room is nautical, thus the whale tail. So when you get ready to add a cart to your space, take into account what decorative pieces – large or small – you can add to the space.

What do you think? Are you ready to set up a bar cart? I think if you follow some of these ideas, you can have one set up in no time.


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