Three Ways to Wear White Jeans this Season


If you have white jeans in your closet, take notes. It’s time to bring them out and create some fun outfits for summer. I am one of those that believes that jeans go with just about anything. This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to white jeans. You can use them to create an all white monochromatic look like the one below. I wore a button up shirt and my new favorite braided sandals. Another way to wear this look would be with a white t-shirt and white tennis shoes. If neutrals are your thing, then add a tan/camel color on top and similar color on your feet and accessories.


Add Bold Colors 

White goes well with most colors, my favorite combination has to be with yellow like in the look below. Be adventurous, add a bold colors to your white jeans outfits. Then accessorize with tones that compliment for a really fun summer look. Other colors that I love with these jeans include pinks, blacks, and blues – like in the outfit below. Wearing tops with fun prints can also make a great summer outfit, similar to this dinner date outfit.


Unexpected Textures

Using textures is something to keep in mind when creating summer outfits with white jeans. In the look below I paired the jeans with a sweater tank. A texture that is not expected for summer but one that creates a fun summer look for sure. The straw bag in the other hand is a texture that screams summer, so it balances the outfit in my opinion. Add your favorite sandals and a few accessories and you’re ready for summer.

I am linking these jeans below along with most of the items in my outfits for you to check out. I’m curious to know which of these if your favorite or are you most likely to wear. Let me know in the comments below. 🙂


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  1. I’ve never owned white pants, crazy enough! At least, not a pair like this. I have some that are cream-toned and wide leg, but they’re harder to style. The pair you’re wearing are so cute and perfect to wear for so many different occasions, styled so many ways!

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