Travel: Four Things to Do When Visiting Panama!

I’ve shared about Panama in the past but when I stumble upon new places that are worth visiting, I feel the need to share these. It’s a new year and travel season is upon us, so get some pen and paper and update your destination list. Because you will want to be visiting Panama this year.

Start in the City

In my opinion you should start in the city. There’s tons to see there while if you visit Panama City. And one of my favorite places is Casco Viejo – a place that will take you back in time. Its architecture is absolutely exquisite and the views just breathtaking. Though part of it is still being renovated. There are lots of restaurants and rooftop bars to check out. As well as amazing murals and Instagram(able) spots. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Head to the Mountains

There are mountains throughout the country, though not all are accessible. Mountains in El Valle are the most popular but I recently visited Chicรก – a mountain community with the view deck at Altos de Campana.ย  This spot is so beautiful and it even overlooks the oceanside at Punta Chame – it’s truly a must. Plus, there are small hotels in the area and a canopy for zip lining too which I am yet to try. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Stop by the Lake

Yes, there’s much more to Panama than beaches. While most people think Panama Canal when they think about this Central American gem and almost automatically associate it with the ocean and beaches; there are lots of rivers and even lakes to explore in the countryside.

The Laguna de San Carlos is off the InterAmerican Highway through Las Lajas and it’s really something to see. Many lake visitors make it a day trip, but others actually camp out overnight. They also offer a few entertainment options like canoes and paddle boats, so it’s a really fun place to consider visiting.

Visit a Beach

Now, let’s come back to the beach because it is part of the many fun things to do in Panama. This black sand beach is one of our family’s favorite. It is secluded, quiet and clean. There’s a river that feeds right into the ocean and it’s a beautiful thing; cool freshwater and salty warm water all at a single destination. Playa Corona is a small community that is mostly habited by weekend home owners, perhaps this is why it’s less heard off. But it is totally worth a visit if you’re looking for a quiet beach to hang out at.

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Now that you’ve learned a bit more when will you be visiting Panama? ๐Ÿ˜› If I can make recommendations, January to March are the best months to visit because it’s summer time and the rainy season is practically on hold.



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