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When it comes beauty there are three services that I am really missing right now; nail salons, waxing spas and lash bars. My lash extensions fully fell off about three weeks ago, so I’ve have to go back to mascara. 🙁 But I am surviving… Waxing has not being done in over two months and quite frankly it’s the first thing I want to do once this is over! As far as my nails, I haven’t let them get out of control. But the ladies at the nail salon know how to clean them so much better than me. And they always bring my nail design ideas to live, so I will never take them for granted again! I have been experimenting with the help of Pinterest and wanted to share a few DIY designs I’ve done with you. 😉

Asymmetrical Accents

At first I wasn’t sure if I could do this design but it actually turned out to be pretty easy. While I free-handed it, I think that adding strips of tape at an angle on the top part of the nail – the part that is to remain unpainted – could help make more even tips. I chose to do two colors but a single color would also be fun. This design is like a French manicure but asymmetrical which I loved. 🙂 I also added a hint of glitter because my glitter polish has been a friend…

A Hint of Glitter

Glitter has been a friend! Mostly because I want to do something other than solid colored nails… Adding glitter makes me feel like my manicures are not so boring. 😛 What I liked most about this second manicure is that I adding glitter at the top of the nail adds a little something to the manicure. This nail design is also something inspired by a French manicure. While, I have been playing with new ways to do my nails, I am by no means an expert. So my plan is to stick to easy nail designs like these until I can resume my bi-weekly nail appointment. 🙂 What beauty service are you missing most?

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  1. Love the pink and red nails – so cute! I’m terrible at doing my own nails, soI’m v impressed with your mani skills!

    xx Mollie

  2. Honestly don’t experiment much with nail design…usually stick to the same color always because it’s just easier, but this design looks simple enough to pull off! xoxo, Sarah

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