Velvet Wrap Dress + One Year Blog Anniversary

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Thirty Minus One just turned one you guys!!  I’m celebrating in this velvet wrap dress – details below – with balloons, cupcakes and rosé. Plus, sharing four things I’ve learned in my first year of blogging. 

This baby of mine has been one of the few projects that I’ve poured all my love into. While, it has not alway been easy, I have pushed through and made it this far. I can say that I really love what I’m doing! I hope you all do too and I want to thank you for your continuous support – it means so much to me. 🙂


This is #MYSQUAD – my husband who is my biggest supporter – and our mini!

4 things I’ve learned in my first year of blogging:
  1. It is important to stay consistent. While some people argue that aesthetics is not important nor is identifying a niche, I feel differently. I share lots of style posts – here and on social media – yet I define myself as a Life + Style Blogger. And consistently share content that supports this vision of what type of blogger I am. Visit my Insta and you’ll see what I mean. It’s a mix of my girls, fur baby, husband, fave products, recipes, travel, and the list goes on… It’s all a part of who I am as a blogger, it’s part style and part life.
  2. It is important to find a tribe. I’ve said this before, there is nothing like having the support of fellow bloggers and creatives. They understand your journey, because theirs is similar. I have a group of blogger insta friends who have grown not only to share about blogging, but about personal struggles. I can’t tell you how refreshing to find such support in the blogging community – which can be lonely at times.
  3. It is important to be yourself! Yes, there will always be a feed that you wish yours looked like – it’s happened to me too. But it is important to stay grounded and follow your own vision. Feel free to be inspired by others but do your own thing. I remind myself of this daily. 🙂
  4. It is important to know that success does not come immediately. Then again, what is success? This is probably different for everyone. To me success in regards to being a blogger has been reaching follower milestones, 1k, 2k and most recently 5k. It has also been collaborating with other bloggers and my favorite boutiques. Finally, making money. But not everything happened at once. It took a lot of patience and hard work.

Thanks again for all the love y’all!Thirty Minus One

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  1. That dress is beautiful! You look stunning! Also happy 1 year blog anniversary! That is awesome and such a milestone to be proud of!

  2. Congrats on your first blogiversary. Celebrating with an amazing velvet dress, killer heels and a delicious cupcakes sounds like fun to me. Here’s hoping to many more years of blog anniversaries.

  3. That dress looks stunning on you! And I love what you shared about blogging. I’ve learned so many things along the way as well and some of those are included in your list. We definitely should value who we are.

  4. You’re so right that it takes time and is a lot of hard work. My favorite (and perhaps the most important) is when you mention how important it is to have a tribe. I COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!! It’s so important to find people like you- that understand!! Congrats on 1 year. 🙂

  5. Love your tips, and congratulations on your first year. I agree it is so important to be yourself. If you feel like cooking, wearing makeup, buying things its all good just be honest and respect the readers.

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