Vintage Desk Make-Over for Girl’s Room

I was searching for a desk, as my daughter was close to starting first grade. And had my eye on an IKEA desk. Knowing that I am all about DIYs, my husband found me a desk for a desk make-over instead.

School Desk

He was browsing online and came across a post from a teacher whose school was giving away vintage school desks for free! The desk was in great condition, all I had to do was buy a handful of supplies and get to work.

This project only took me a day to complete. And it’s one of the most functional DIYs I have done so far, not only does my daughter love but she uses it a lot.

Desk Make over Materials

I bought white primer, pink and gold spray paint.

The white primer is what I used for the desk top. The pink and gold spray paint I used for the desk and legs. They both had primer, but I used some of the white primer prior to the application as well, just as a precaution.

Vintage Desk Make Over

First, I took the desk apart to make sure each piece was thoroughly painted. This step was important in order to sand down the desk top as well. As I painted the desk, I put it back together partially and continued painting as you can see on the photos.

Vintage Desk Make Over

Then I painted the desk in pink and the legs gold. I let the desk dry over night; doing minor touch-ups the next day.

Vintage Desk Make Over

It is important for DIYs that involve spray paint to be done in a well ventilated area. This is why I mostly work in our back patio. But also because it is a covered area, which makes it easy to leave projects outside to dry.

Vintage Desk Make Over

Once it was completely dry, I brought it in and put it to use. We had a temporary chair until I recently found the perfect match. I will share this make over next week. Make sure to come back and check it out. 😉

Vintage Desk Make Over

So what do you think of this desk make-over? Would you give it a try? Leave me a comment below.

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