Why You should shop on Holidays, to save money!

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While it is true that being a stay-at-home mama gives me the flexibility to shop any day of the week and avoid the crowds. Sometimes, I wait until the weekend to do my shopping, like most normal people. Why? Because most deals are available on these days! Especially when it’s a holiday weekend. Shopping on holidays can save money!

This weekend I packed up the girls and headed to the mall. Being that tomorrow is President’s Day, I thought I’d surely find some good deals. I stopped by a few stores but ended up picking up the cutest tees from Gymboree.

Big sister had plenty of cute clothes! So, these were for my littlest who is growing like a weed.

And for some reason, doesn’t have an awesome wardrobe like her big sister did. I bet it has to do with the fact that she’s not the first born. You know how you go overboard with the first one, and by the second child you know better… This is why I shop during holidays sales, it really helps me save money.

While, I probably could’ve done my shopping from home, we needed to get out of the house. If you’d rather shop from home, you can save with the Sales Event that’s going on now. I mean, how cute are these outfits? I just love all the details on this elephant. Do you plan to do any shopping this holiday? If so, do you prefer to join the crowds or shop online?


Gymboree Sale On Now!

Gymborre Tee

Gymborre Tee

The Sun shirt is so cute too, I feel like she’s Spring-ready now!

Gymboree Outfit

Thirty Minus One

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