That Wooden Signs you want to buy, You can DIY instead!

I have a thing for wooden signs, but the sizes that I want cost a fortune after shipping. In order to save money, I have done a few DIY Wooden Signs. The most recent sign was a street name sign for our Foyer. If you missed my foyer reveal, a few posts back, go check it out. Why the street name? It is significant to us, this sign will forever remind us of a dream that came true; that of owning a home!

DIY wooden sign

Buying the Materials

Once I had an idea of what type of sign I wanted to build, I headed to the Home Depot for a pre-cut 1 in. x 6 in. X 4 ft. piece of pine board and a 1 in. x 2 in. x 6 ft. whitewood board.

I knew I wanted gray tones to match the foyer’s color scheme. And I found the colors that I wanted in the “Oops Paint” section (if this is what employees still call it). This is what we called it when I worked there years ago – fun fact. A classic gray stain by Minwax, white paint + primer by Olympic and gray paint by Sherwin Williams are the colors I grabbed

Building the Wooden Signs

The first thing I did (with a little help from my husband), was cut the whitewood board to match the size of the pine board. Then, lightly sanded and wiped off any dust before staining and letting dry (You may need to stain multiple times to obtain the desired color).


Gray wood stain

I painted the pine board with the white paint – for the background – and let it dry. While the white paint was drying, I traced my wording right off the laptop screen. Because I personally don’t know of an easier method. If you do, leave me a comment. 😉 And finally, cut out the letters with an X-Acto knife.

Painted White wood

Framing the Sign

Adding the whitewood border to the pine board was the easiest part. After it had all dried, all I had to do was hammer the woods together.

However, I do recommend doing this with another person, to ensure that all boards are nailed together correctly. Once the woods were nailed together, I had a sign!

DIY Wood Sign

Painting the letters

After framing the wooden sign, I placed my stencil over it and painted over it with gray paint. I did this because the frame helped keep my stencil snug and in place.

The letters were not perfect but required minimal touch up. Once the letters were dry, the sign was ready to hang.

DIY Wooden Sign

DIY Wood Sign

Ps. I’ll be sharing my updated Foyer next week. Make sure to come back for it.

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